Posted on: Sunday - Jul 3, 2016

The summer months are relaxing for most, but for Pyro ShowsInc., a fireworks display and special effects company, this is the busiest time of year. 

Pyro Shows has been a proud Tennessee-based company for almost 50 years.  Based out of LaFollettePyro Shows puts on around 1,000 pyro shows each year with 400 of those falling on the weeks before, during and after July 4. The company is staffed with around 20 people during the winter months, but more than double its number of employees during the spring and summer months to prepare for the July 4 shows. During the weeks surrounding the holiday, the company seasonally hires 400 plus workers to make up for the increase in demand.

 “Tennessee is a very business friendly state,” said Lansden Hill, President and CEO of Pyro Shows, Inc. “Local and state government officials have always worked with Pyro Shows to promote a pro-business environment as long as employee and public safety is maintained. We would recommend that any business check out Tennessee as a possible location because of the political environment, economic environment and geography.”

Pyro Showwas started in 1969 by Lansden E. Hill, Jr. as Big Creek EnterprisesHill graduated from the University of Tennessee and returned home to LaFollette to join the family insurance business. His strong interest in fireworks combined with his experience in the insurance industry got him an invitation to join the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee for Pyrotechnics. The committee writes the NFPA codes for firework public displays, transportation and storage. These codes are used extensively throughout the United States as the basis for firework code and conduct enforcement. Hill still serves on the committee today. 


The company changed its name from Big Creek Enterprises to Pyro Shows, Inc. in the early 1980s as they began to grow both nationally and internationally. They now have two additional offices in Fort Worth, Texas and Adamsville, Alabama, and have put on displays in Stockholm, Sweden, San Sebastian, Spain, Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Taipei, Taiwan, and all throughout the United States.  

Pyro Shows won first place in the North American Fireworks Competition and second place in the International Competition in Stockholm, Sweden. One of Pyro Shows’ most prestigious honors has been providing the fireworks for the Fourth of July Celebration at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. for 13 of the last 20 years. 

Producing a fireworks show is much like producing any other concert or festival. A great deal of planning, meetings and collaboration must take place to make the show run successfully. Once the vision for the show is planned, the operations staff at Pyro Shows choreographs, packs and ships each show. The fireworks crew is the final and most important part of the production process as they are the ones that make these ideas come to life. 

Along with putting on around 1,000 fireworks shows every year, Pyro Shows also provides special effects for various events. These effects can range anywhere from pyro, flames, confetti, light shows or creating snow anytime of the year.  

Hill, the founder and owner of Pyro Shows, has been running the company since it began in 1969. Although he has no intentions of retiring, he feels confident in the next generation of management to continue the company’s success whenever that time comes. 

To learn more about Pyro Shows, visit pyroshows.com.