Posted on: Thursday - Nov 2, 2017

In Tennessee we pride ourselves on the brands that make our state the best place to live and work. From the Smoky Mountains to Memphis, we have so many companies that are creating products that help tell our story. 

Purebred Wooden Bowls Co., based in Knoxville, creates high-quality wooden bowls, utensils and custom pieces that are all handmade in Tennessee from local hardwoods. What makes these products unique is the simplicity and authenticity of the finished products. Woodworker Kellen Catani believes in letting the true beauty of the wood shine through, so he does not use stains or veneers to cover that up.

Catani, owner and woodworker at Purebred, found a passion for woodworking later in life. He says that his work is mainly influenced by his background in engineering and his Italian heritage. Catani gained access to basic woodworking tools in college and got hooked. Once he discovered the rare art of woodturning, the rest was history. He found the process of woodturning bowls fun, challenging and a release for his creativity, and this soon became his specialty. His background in graphic design and branding helped jumpstart his business, giving him the skills to create a presence on the web.

Purebred is more than just a company, it is a philosophy that true materials bring us to life and give us a connection with the world around us. The company views every piece of wood as never perfect, but completely unique. They cherish the imperfections and seek to honor the beauty of nature in every piece they make.

“Purebred is all about revealing the beauty of our land,” Catani says. “Each of our products is sourced from the rolling forests of East Tennessee, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. By producing in Tennessee, we are walking down a different trail than the rest of the home goods industry and we like where it’s heading.” 

The company considers itself a part of the authenticity and minimalism movements. By keeping the wood in its natural form, they are expressing the authenticity and appreciation for the simple things in life. Catani cherishes quality materials and lives by the mantra “buy quality, buy less.” 

Purebred’s products are made from local hardwoods: mostly cherry, maple, oak and walnut. These materials are gathered from fallen trees around the company’s home in Knoxville. After the raw materials have been gathered, a piece of wood is attached to the lathe, which rotates the wood into a thick profile of the bowl shape. Next the bowl is put into a kiln to dry for a few months before it is spun again to smooth it out. The final step is to sand the bowl and apply a topcoat, but never any type of stain.

Catani finds satisfaction in producing a meaningful product that appreciates an aspect of nature that doesn’t usually get recognized. Wooden objects are all around us, but in most cases are taken out of their natural beauty or made with particle board or plywood. Purebred gets a sense of pride by honoring the life of the trees in the beauty of their products and making products that will last for generations to come.

For more information on the company, visit http://www.purebredwood.com.