Posted on: Friday - Dec 19, 2014

“Would you like that giftwrapped?” is a common question you hear while shopping in the midst of the holiday season. If you take the salesperson up on their offer, you’re soon presented with a beautifully wrapped gift you can already envision displaying before its future owner. But, do you ever wonder where the packaging comes from?

Nashville Wraps is one of the top wholesale gift packaging companies in the business, specializing in gift and gourmet packaging along with gift basket supplies and custom printing for retail businesses. The business began years ago when Robert Meadows, an apparel representative, noticed stacks of 8-foot paper rolls behind a customer’s shop. He learned that the rolls of beautiful floral paper were leftover from the shop’s print process and due to the way they came off the fabric printing press, the design appeared on the back of the paper. Robert knew his customers were paying up to $60 per roll of wrapping paper for their stores’ giftwrapping services, so in an effort to reuse the leftover paper, he designed a machine that would re-roll the paper, turning the print to the outside of the roll, and cut the paper into 24-inch rolls he could sell to his customers.

After introducing the wrapping paper to his clients, Robert quickly sold out and demands became high. He decided to sell the machine to his son, Robby, who started Nashville Wraps in 1976. Robby began his operations in a basement then moved to a building on Woodland Street which soon expanded to several buildings. Later, the company built a facility in Madison, but quickly outgrew the space so Robby bought a new 190,000 square foot building in Hendersonville, where Nashville Wraps is currently located.

“Nashville Wraps has been blessed to have customers all over the United States and internationally. But we are especially proud to call Nashville and Middle Tennessee home,” Buffie Baril, internet advertising manager for Nashville Wraps, said. “Our families love this area, and we love supporting local businesses like Olive & Sinclair, Juice Nashville, The Trendy Trunk, TruBee Honey, Pangaea, Thistle Farms, Chef’s Market, Vanderbilt Hospital’s gift shop and so many others.” 

Since the company began, nearly 40 years ago, Nashville Wraps has grown from carrying sample ribbons and paper swatches to a facility filled with rows and rows of product ranging from gift wrap, bows and accessories, to an assortment of gift boxes, ribbon, bags and more. Nashville Wraps currently employs a staff of 100, including an in-house design team, call center and hot stamping service, and is also a four-time winner of the Retail Distributor of the Year award given by the Retail Packaging Association.

The Christmas season is by far the company’s busiest time of the year, and October and November are its busiest months as stores are preparing for the holiday rush. Valentine’s Day is a close second as retailers purchase candy boxes and cello bags along with gift basket supplies. Planning begins a year in advance, so designers are currently focused on the Christmas 2015 collection. A team of thirty-one employees work in the warehouse and are the reason why Nashville Wraps is often praised for its fast, efficient shipping throughout the year.

“Personally, I love the fact that even though our products are just paper and plastic, they represent love and thoughtfulness,” Baril said. “We help make our customers look good. Our products are a part of the presentation and the first thing people see which adds to the excitement of the gift.”

Nashville Wraps’ typical customer is a small, independent business looking for shopping bags and gift wrap for their retail store, but individual consumers can also purchase their products online. To learn more about Nashville Wraps, visit their website at http://www.nashvillewraps.com/