Posted on: Tuesday - Mar 14, 2017

There is nothing quite like a fresh made pie from a family kitchen, and that’s exactly what Papa C Pies is known for: making fresh pies and desserts daily straight from the Papa C family recipe book. Papa C Pies, located in Franklin, TN, was started in 2008 and is owned by father-son duo Chad and Gary “Papa C” Collier. The Colliers have been residents of Franklin for over 40 years, which makes Franklin the perfect place for their business.

Papa C Pies makes pies and desserts from scratch daily, no canned fillings or ingredients allowed. Each pie is made using fresh ingredients and has a flaky crust made in-house each day. The menu at Papa C Pies includes fruit pies such as cherry, blueberry, multi-berry and apple as well as pecan, chocolate, pumpkin and more. The bakery also has many other desserts, including cinnamon rolls, cookies, pecan and lemon bars and take-and-bake chicken potpies.

Papa C Pies originated from Papa C wanting to learn his mother Elsie’s famous pie recipes. She was best known for her delicious apple pie. Papa C was the oldest of five kids and his mom often asked him to help out in the kitchen, which is where his love for baking and cooking began.

“Roughly 16 years ago, Papa C, having retired, started messing around in the kitchen trying to replicate her recipe,” Chad Collier said. “After struggling, we waited for her to visit for Christmas and followed her around recording and measuring everything. Papa C then had a knack for making apple pies. And In 2008, we jokingly said we should start a pie business.”

Papa C Pies has been in Franklin since its inception and recently moved from downtown Franklin to a new location in Cool Springs. Papa C and Chad have been searching for a larger location for a while. Equipped with a full kitchen and more space, the new Cool Springs spot is the perfect fit for them to create and bake their desserts and pies.

Each day at Papa C Pies is different, which is what Chad loves about his job. The quantity of orders depends on the season, but that doesn’t stop this father-son duo from making every day a good day to bake. During the busiest time of the year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Papa C Pies makes roughly 200 pies a day. Even at that rate, the pies are all still made fresh daily with fresh ingredients.

What makes Papa C Pies a great bakery is not only its delicious desserts but also its customer service. You are greeted with the delicious smell of fresh pies baking in the oven and smiles from Papa C and Chad immediately when arriving to the shop. Papa C Pies is a staple in Franklin and hopes to continue to grow in the years to come by possibly opening a second location. Despite wanting to expand in the future, Papa C Pies will continue to be known for its pies that are homemade and made the old fashion way. 

“We are happy to take things slow and make a product that hopefully reminds people of good memories around grandma's table,” Chad Collier said. 

To learn more about Papa C Pies and to order your own homemade pie, visit papacpies.com.